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Meet HDAP: The World’s First Super-Scalable LDAP Directory Driven by Big Data and Search Technology

Last month, we promised some big news about how you’ll store and scale your identity infrastructure in the future. Well, that day has come: we’re delighted to introduce HDAP, our highly available version of the LDAP directory, served with a hefty side of Hadoop! We all know that LDAP has been stuck in a rut for the past decade, not keeping pace with the demand for greater richness and increased scalability. But our new HDAP innovation harnesses the power of the cloud and distributed computing, delivering directory storage that scales to meet the needs of today’s mobile and cloud-driven workforce—and the customers they serve.


You already know that RadiantOne virtualization streamlines your identity and access infrastructure, allowing you to integrate more attributes from across your systems and publish new views into your identity data. But we knew we needed a better way to store the incredibly dynamic and complex views of identity our system generates. Such storage needed to scale on demand, while supporting smart search and analysis to a degree that was up-to-now unreachable for the enterprise. Enter HDAP, the centerpiece of our upcoming RadiantOne 7.0 release, which will help you more easily integrate with cloud applications, federate with partners, and enrich your authorization and access policies.


» Get all the details: Check out the HDAP press release





Catalyst Session on HDAP:

Radically Scale Access and Throughput for Better Performance and Tighter Synchronization

Intrigued by our HDAP announcement? Join us at Catalyst and find out how our new HDAP-enabled RadiantOne 7.0 system handles high demand, without missing a beat—or slowing access. Join Dieter Schuller, VP of Business Development, as he discusses what HDAP means for your business, as well as how it enables enterprises to add or remove servers/nodes at will, increasing or decreasing throughput as needed. You’ll see that speed and performance aren’t the only benefits—HDAP also serves as storage for a synchronization powerhouse. By deploying a full LDAP directory on top of a cluster of HADOOP/ZooKeeper nodes, the new RadiantOne offers extremely tight levels of replication between nodes, ensuring that the image of the enterprise’s entire identity infrastructure is always kept up to date across every node.


» Don’t miss this session: Tuesday, July 30th at 10:20 AM


Kick Back at Catalyst:

Grab a Pint at the RadiantOne Federated Identity Pub

We had so much fun last year, we’re doing it again! After all, who can say no to free beer—and lots of it? Join us for craft-brewed beers, tasty pub grub, and great conversation with a side of geek. Kick back in style with the Radiant brewmasters, sharing a taste (or three) of our Integration IPA, Enriched Attribute Ale, HDAP Hefeweizen, and SSO Lager. The stein is yours to take home, along with a free pub t-shirt—all new for 2013! Don’t miss wicked trivia or high-availability hops at the RadiantOne Federated Identity Pub—where everybody knows your username.


» Belly up to the bar: Wednesday, July 31st at 5:30 PM



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